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My Little Door

What she saw through the closet caused a riot inside her. The peep show between the panels of the doors seemed to be a scene that had played in her mind, in her sleep and in her drowsy consciousness countless of times. “Is this real?” she wondered. Is she dreaming this up? Is it one of the heady fantasies she had while pretending to be unaffected?

From where she was hiding, she saw the soft light landing on the smooth girly and almost transient curves of what seemed then the most perfect creature her eyes ever saw. The target of her desire was removing her clothes one by one, slowly revealing supple breasts that tilted upwards like firm tomatoes that had just come into season. The silk dress she had on seemed to cascade off her body.

Frantic and busy thoughts were running through her mind. But more importantly, there seems to be a current of hard tension rushing through her body that excited her and scared her at the same time. She tried to stay calm, and still, in order to keep a good grasp on her camera as she recorded what she saw through the panels.

The perfect creature was standing stark naked, with firm, round buttocks facing the person in the closet. The girl was tilting to the left side of her body, her luscious blonde locks falling lightly on her shoulders. She was looking at herself in a full-length mirror, scrutinising every bit of her body. Cupping her breasts to give the illusion of a higher mound, she sighed and dropped her gaze between her clean-shaven inner thighs. For a moment, it seems like she was thinking of something. Then, she reaches into the top drawer and pulls out a lifelike giant dildo. Before she did what the person behind the closet had only seen in photos and videos on the Internet, she licks her own fingers and lets them head south to her clean-shaven mound and starts to touch her private area. She breathes heavily, but her breathing is contained as if she were afraid people could hear her. The breathing gets more intense and the person behind the closet could see in the mirror that the girl’s fingers were turning in circular motions. Next, the girl turns on the dildo and puts the vibrating device inside her, pushing and pulling it slowly. This action made her face flush with a redness that seemed to indicate elation, happiness.

Then, she progresses to the bed, and now facing the closet, she gives a full view of her body and actions to the voyeur. She utters softly, “Ooh, fuck me, fuck me. I want to be fucked so badly. I love a big dick and I would love to suck on a huge cock now.” The girl tried to contain her exhilaration and prolong her orgasm as the fingers on one hand continued to pleasure herself on her hairless clitoris while the huge plastic dick was still making its way in and out of her.

“What the fuck are you doing? This is my house,” says the middle-aged handsome man whose wife had organised the gathering at their house in the suburbs.

For a while, the girl looked ashamed and ran to grab her silk dress to cover her breasts and her private area. The man locks the door behind him, swaggers up to her and snatches the dress from her. Suddenly, he pushes her on the bed and spreads her long, silky legs and hastily unbuckles his belt, loosening his pants. Quickly dropping his briefs, he revealed an erect penis, saying, “Now, you’ve turned me on, little slut.”

The girl lay on the bed, unafraid and said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Get your hard cock inside me now. I’ve been waiting and I’m fucking horny. I want to be fucked. Again and again and again.”

With his tight buttocks facing the person in the closet, he flipped the girl and pushed his cock into her from behind while her hands opened wide on the wall, like anchors for the fucking that would go on.

As he pushed in and out of her, with one of his hands cupping her breast, he cooed nervously, “How do you like that now, little slut? You like it hard?”

“Ooh, yes, yes yes! Don’t you fucking stop now. I want to be fucked by your big fucking cock.”

Not to be a cockteaser, but my mind is dead and this will be continued on another day when I’m flushed again with erotic inspiration… this is dedicated to my friend, the one with the crazy eyes, who gave me the pluck to post something so intensely intimate and scandalous.


3 thoughts on “My Little Door

  1. Clickyk says:

    >Umm… {loosens collar and pats sweat from forehead, shifts uncomfortably in suddenly too tight jeans}. This not only revved up my engine, but got my control center calculating as well. Would someone like Anaïs Nin have written a blog if it had been available to her?C

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