Sex, Short stories

My Little Door

What she saw through the closet caused a riot inside her. The peep show between the panels of the doors seemed to be a scene that had played in her mind, in her sleep and in her drowsy consciousness countless of times. “Is this real?” she wondered. Is she dreaming this up? Is it one of the heady fantasies she had while pretending to be unaffected?

From where she was hiding, she saw the soft light landing on the smooth girly and almost transient curves of what seemed then the most perfect creature her eyes ever saw. The target of her desire was removing her clothes one by one, slowly revealing supple breasts that tilted upwards like firm tomatoes that had just come into season. The silk dress she had on seemed to cascade off her body.

Frantic and busy thoughts were running through her mind. But more importantly, there seems to be a current of hard tension rushing through her body that excited her and scared her at the same time. She tried to stay calm, and still, in order to keep a good grasp on her camera as she recorded what she saw through the panels.

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