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Get These Thoughts Out of Me!

I literally have too many things trapped in my mind that they often seep out of my gatekeeping mouth. I figure, if I don’t let all these often-imploding thoughts out somewhere, I might end up like one of those losers I see so often — especially in socially, sexually, mentally (the list goes on… it’s a wonder not more people implode) repressed Singaporeans — so hypersensitive to a stranger’s touch, so unhappy, so stoned and yet so scared to say anything that will do some justice in the world. So, here I am… hoping to see to fruition at least one thing in my life.

The truth is, I’m just so angry with my life in Singapore — I’m angry that people are so complacent, I’m angry that the government treats people like they are 10-year-olds, I’m angry that when I’m at the door of the MRT waiting to get out, a storm of people barges in without any regard for the people who want to get out. I figured that rather than complain about it in some stupid, useless forum page in the local newspapers, or worse, suffer in silence and walk around like I have a rough-skin, bark-type stick up my arsehole (not pleasurable as it would to some of you who like a smooth cock or dildo up your forbidden, illegal, can-get-you-straight-to-jail sexual-cum-excretory exit). Nope, I’d rather die than lump myself with the 30 or so losers who regularly write in to newspapers complaining about their neighbours, about public transport, immigrants or God-forbid, property prices or the fact that their lives are so fucking empty that they have nothing to do but to complain about the petty, ridiculously absurd things about life. As if life in Singapore is not made convenient enough that you don’t even need to think for yourself.

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