Love is one of those words that changes its meaning throughout the course of your life, and possibly even throughout the course of your day. It’s just that fickle piecing of four letters that one moment can mean so much, and in another, so little. People say romantic love and platonic love are different, but give it enough time, they start to be indistinguishable. Like two blondes after a few drinks. Sometimes, as love runs its course, you may feel like platonic love is more valuable than romantic love. Because, so much significance is tagged onto the semantic field of romantic love. Puppy love, roses, rose-colored glasses, the One, that feeling in your belly. One day, if you wake up and there’s a feeling in your belly, it’s probably something you ate or didn’t eat. That’s all there is to it.

Romantic love, like its famous motif the rose, has an expiration date.


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