Borderline Person

All Alone

Have you ever felt so lonely it doesn’t seem like anything makes sense? That feeling of hollowness creeps up on you without you even noticing it, but it creeps up on you slowly alright, drawing a little bit of energy out of you every second, until you get to a point. When you don’t even remember how you got so tired, so exhausted. And then you realize, you are all alone in the room, the apartment. In this world. With no one to go to, no one to confide in, no one to drown your sorrows with, but yourself.

That feeling, when you’re not sure if you’re hungry or not, or if you’re not sure if you want to see the light of day, is… numbing. It’s like you want to feel, you want to think, but you just don’t know what you can do to make things better. You just keep sprinting in your mind, hoping if the “you” in your mind runs fast enough, that “you” may figure out how to get the real you out of the daze. But what exactly is wrong? You don’t know what is wrong. You just feel lethargic, full of hot air, and just pangs of loneliness. You ask yourself, what can you do? Can you change it? The answer if fuzzy. Can you change it? You don’t know, and no one knows.


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