All around me are faces,
pushing each out of places,
into corners, edges, walls, cases,
branded with names, logos, emblems, copyrights,
shame, slut, disrepute, fame, disclaim, stain,
all pushing each out of spaces,
to claim victorious, some airtime, some me-time,
the manymes face/off in a shame-off,
to see who is the next biggest slut-face.


5 thoughts on “Push

  1. >And because I fucking stalk Christina… God, bitch do you to beat me to EVERYTHING???? (love you) I TOLD you I wasn't a bitch and I'd get to everyone's blog! Yours was one of my very first choices to visit! You should really feel fucking honored! 🙂 Following you now! I want to be a self pimping whore! God that sounds AWESOME! I'm sure I can twist that to fit me in some way or another!!!

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